Grandview CB-P 94 Cyber Series Commercial Designer 94" Manual Pull-Down Screen 16:10 Format White Casing

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CB P 94
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Grandview CBP94 Details
The designer curved aluminum alloy casing of Grandview's CB-P 94 Cyber Series Manual Pull-Down screen is stylish, lightweight and strong.

The innovative L-bracket installation system makes setup extremely easy. The screen can be ceiling or wall mounted, and once installed can slide left and right. L-brackets can be positioned at any point.

The Speed Reduction feature allows the screen to retract slowly back into its housing once it is let go. This will prevent the lower bar from hitting the casing.

The Self-Lock feature allows the screen to be held for 3 seconds at any position and automatically locks.

Screen Features:
• 4-layer matte white fabric with 1:0 gain provides a crisp and colourful image, enhances the screens integrity and prevents waves from forming.
• Stretches less than 1% which ensures long-lasting flatness
• Engraved with optical microgroove on the surface, with resolution more than 125 line pairs per mm. This ensures the sharpness of the projected images
• Light reflection is evenly distributed with less than 60K difference between incident angle and reflection angle
• High contrast process maintains the color accuracy and color range is widely presented to provided a more vivid image
• With Limitless Positioning Structure, the screen can be stopped by holding the handle for 3 seconds at any position.
• When the screen is fully retracted the positioning system is locked off and the fabric is not stretched by the spring system. This will prevent the wrinkle caused by long time usage of the spring system.

Suitable for either wall mount, ceiling mount or ceiling hang. The bracket can slide horizontally at the back of the casing to match different installation positions.

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