Reviews for Alto Trouper Compact Bluetooth Enabled High Performance PA - Active Speaker with mixer trouper-xus

james Ranger

Apr 13th, 2018 Verified Owner
They are great. We had one at Antoine Mountain and the sound was spectacular on the hill.We could hear it all the way up to tower 9. I am coming to get one for myself.


Allot of sound for a compact unit.

Super portable tough and does not care how poor the weather gets.


Dont have one for myself yet.


Tim Hazelwood

Mar 7th, 2016 Verified Owner
We see a lot of speakers and guitar amps in our showrooms. We get to try them out, listen to them and then form an opinion. Our opinion of the Trouper is that the price is too DARN LOW!! - It should be MORE than the asking price!!. You might be shocked by this statement but once you plug into this unit with an acoustic guitar and a will be STUNNED by the clarity and volume from this tiny box. Similar units from other brands might have a few more features but the price this unit sells for is just plain awesome. Looking for an amazing PA for an Acoustic Solo or Coffeehouse gig? Meeting room PA system? Try one of these....You will love it!


Easy to carry - love the handle pocket on the back.

Built in 3 channel Mixer.

Bluetooth on channel 3 allows you to stream music from your phone

also has RCA and 1/8 for backing tracks or looper etc.

Awesome sound for this price range.

Amazing sound when using Acoustic guitar.

Built in pole mount for a speaker stand.

Well done Alto.


The only thing we could think of was there is no padded cover available yet. Otherwise a fantastic product.



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