Reviews for Denon DJ Prime 4 Standalone 4 Deck DJ System with 10" Touchscreen prime-4-xus

Travis J

May 2nd, 2021 Verified Owner
This stand alone giant is absolutely amazing. It has everything I
could ask for in a complete system. There are so many features and
effects to play with and add depth to my mixes, being able to play
and switch between 4 tracks easily, and having multiple music
sources such as a hard drive to have my entire collection in one
place. The platters have a nice feel to them, and the touch screen
is awesome for loading tracks from one deck to another. And best of
all! No laptop needed. I absolutely love this machine. I think
Denon has raised the bar and set a standard in the standalone
realm. The only con I have to say about this beauty is the Engine
software itself. Now as I write this, the current version of Engine
Prime is 1.6.1. They have added some features such as being able to
edit your beat grid / bpm with tracks that have changing tempo, and
having horizontal wave viewing, but there is a little more work
that needs to be done. However, in Denon's defence, they have been
doing great at listening to the community and having their requests
implemented into the firmware updates. Overall, this is a very
minor thing for me and definitely not a deal breaker. That being
said, I highly recommend this deck to any DJ that wants a complete
all-in-one setup. So much excitement in one unit for a great price.
Way to go Denon. Oh, almost forgot about the outstanding service at
Acclaim Sound & Lighting. Top notch as always, and keeps me coming
back for more. Cheers!! :)



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