Reviews for Singular Sound BEATBUDDY Pedal Style Drum Machine beat-buddy

Leo Rodriguez

May 14th, 2019 Verified Owner
Best Drum Machine ever! Awesome sounds and it really makes your performance come alive. Been wanting to do a solo show for a long time but haven't really found the right backing system. Tried sequencers and other drum machines but they just sounded too karaoke. The BeatBuddy gives you the flexibility of shortening or prolonging a song. It's very intuitive. It completes a fill at the proper measure no matter when you decide to hit the pedal. Very easy to use and to program if necessary. Highly recommended. My unit did break recently but I believe that's normal for items with moving parts. They're sending me a replacement unit.


Easy to use. Sounds awesome. Sounds real. Very portable. Easy to program. Your songs are stored on SD card so even if the unit breaks, you still have your setlists and songs. LED screen is easy to read. The ability to shorten or prolong a song is key. This machine allows you to do that. Foot controls means continuous play. Lots of advantages


Price could be lower. Having moving parts means it's susceptible to breaking. I would recommend the company to come up with a separate (less expensive) pedal so that users can have a backup pedal in case one fails during a gig (mine did).



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