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superdave about  American DJ HAZE-GENERATOR No Warm Up Haze Machine:

Jul 5, 2012
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Have owned this machine for many years and rent it out to people on a regular basis. Great machine. A little more money than a cheap fogger but the cost of operation over time is far cheaper than any fog machine. Uses only a tiny amount of fluid at each performance...we estimate about a 1/4 cup per event. Makes all of our lighting look fantastic and lasts a lot longer than fog which disappears after a few minutes.

Advantages: Low cost of operation
No Odours when running vs a fog machine which can really smell bad.
Most people do not even notice you have it running...really quiet.
No Heat
Low power ..consumes less than a 60watt bulb
Works well even with large rooms.
Disadvantages: About the size of a breadbox
Fill indicator could be better designed. It is really important to not go past the filling line on the machine or could cause major damage...We have never done it but have heard from others who have.
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Woodpyle06 about  American DJ HAZE-GENERATOR No Warm Up Haze Machine:

Nov 26, 2012
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Great product, makes all your lights look fantastic
Easy to use

Advantages: No Oder, uses very little fluid, have had no problems with smoke alarms,
small and light , nice liquid sky effect with lazers

Disadvantages: Slight vibration when not on a solid stage
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 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
I have used this monitor for 3 months it packs a punch for a small speaker don't let the size fool you i use it as a monitor also as a house system great sound

Advantages: light and small but powerfull
Disadvantages: none
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (59) / No (46)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Excellent quality, durable and secure. This was the best investment I have ever made for protecting my guitars in transit! It holds any standard design guitar very well (I have an Ibanez SA, G&L "strat", vintage Telecaster, and a Gibson SG that all fit very nicely) The padding is very stable, and the lining is soft and easy to keep clean!

Advantages: Light and durable, well balanced and very securely cradles the guitar while protecting it from shifting and impacts. Four sturdy latches hold the top securely closed, and the handle is strong and slightly offset to account for weight distribution of a solid body electric.
Disadvantages: The accessory compartment is not attached along the bottom edge, and picks will slide right out of it. The compartment lid is friction fit (no catch) and can allow thin items such as picks or string envelopes to slide out the end, so I use a soft cloth to line the compartment and another to lie over top of my "junk" to keep it all inside the accessory compartment.
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extreme_audio about  Electro Voice ZLX-12P 12" Two-way Powered Loudspeaker:

Dec 11, 2013
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
I heard this speaker at the Acclaim warehouse in the middle of summer when i was travelling to a gig in Sudbury. I was amazed at the audio quality this speaker was capabel of producing. Small but not too small amazing output. Decent amount of bass for a 12 inch speaker. Love the built in settings for different applications via the computer menu. Ipod input is also really helpful for music playback

Advantages: Amazing sound, decent bass, ipod input, computer menu.
3 carrying handles
Disadvantages: box has a slanted top so not great for stacking but this is the only disadvantage i could think of.
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 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
I was initially looking for a dual channel acoustic amp for live gigs but decided that, for the same money and portability, an active speaker and small mixer was a much better route to go. This EV offers very clean sound for acoustic guitar and vocals in monitor mode, way more power than a typical amp and is, overall, a more flexible solution. Can be used stand alone via its 2 combo inputs, as a monitor, FOH...scales to any type of venue. Tons of power...clean power. In Music and Club modes, it produces surprising amounts of bass. For my own uses, monitor/live mode offers near reference quality's a beautiful thing.

Advantages: Lightweight and portable.
Solid construction.
Full grill.
Tons of power (1000W amp works out to about 250-400W continuous output) - should be able to handle mid-sized venues with 150-300 people without breaking a sweat.
Useful DSP options...4 modes/3 position with Treble and Bass adjustments.
Clarity and full range sound reproduction comparable to speakers 2-3 times the price.
Punches way above its weight class.
Disadvantages: Wedged top...although it does discourage from sitting beverages on it which is a good thing.
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 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
This is an excellent deal, the E 835 is an outstanding microphone, this mic is a little more brighter than SM58 but just as durable, built like a tank, and for a vocal mic I like it better than my 58's. I highly recommend this mic, and you get a K&M mic Stand, and mic cable as well. Dollar for dollar you cannot find a better deal on the web no where.

Advantages: E835 - outstanding Mic
High Quality K&M Stand
Out of the box and your ready to go.
Disadvantages: Cable supplied not the highest quality, but functional.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (29) / No (26)
Ivory Blues about  Electro Voice ZLX-12P 12" Two-way Powered Loudspeaker:

Feb 7, 2014
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
I bought these speakers and have been really impressed. Great for most of the DJ gigs I do in Halls, Country Clubs and Banquet Facilities holding 150 - 300 people. Great clear, crisp sound from a compact, sleek and light design. Excellent Mids and options in the digital interface for different formats such as Talk, Club and Floor placement.

Advantages: Great clean and Professional look. Easy to use digital interface. Lightweight and great handles with a rubber coating for easy grip. I've read a few reviews stating they didn't like the top handle as it doesn't allow for a balanced carrying load but quickly realized if you carry them backwards (protecting the screen) they are perfectly balanced for carrying and easy to carry two at a time!
I love the option to customize the front LED to either be On, Off, or to function as a Limit Indicator. Well designed as well as it can easily be used mounted on a stand or used as a wedge, I'm tremendously happy with the purchase, the price, the efficiency in shipping, and the customer service from Acclaim was fantastic as I also had a phone conversation with a few basic questions as I had never ordered from Acclaim before. Will definitely order from Acclaim again and would recommend these speakers to all of my friends.
Disadvantages: As stated by a previous reviewer, the only disadvantage I could see with this speaker is the fact the top is slanted which wouldn't allow for stacking, but not something I would be looking to do with this particular speaker for my functionality.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (28) / No (16)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Would have to say the best styli and headshell combo i have ever used. and the replacements for them arent to bad of a price either.

If your still using vinyl i recommend a pair of these

Advantages: Brings out crisp highs and deep bass
Stays in the grooves the whole time even if your in a club setting.

Very very low chance of scratching records.
Disadvantages: I dont think there is any.. i had no problems with the white labels
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (26) / No (20)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Have had one of these T shirts for a few years and absolutely love it. I wear it often when setting up at gigs and it lets people know that I am part of the stage crew. Black looks great and very good quality shirt. Highly recommend

Advantages: Looks great
Use it before shows when setting up.
Disadvantages: None
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (26) / No (14)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
I ordered this item because I read good things about it and it looked like what I needed. The title is misleading though. It says that it is a folding stand, it actually doesnt fold! you have to dissasemble it to make it "flat".
This is perfect though for somebody using it stationary. I am using it with my 17" hp laptop and it is perfect

Advantages: Strong construction
visually appealing
Disadvantages: does not fold
needs assembly
not very portable
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (23) / No (11)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Great shirt. sizing fits perfectly. is perfect for when setting stuff up and want people to be aware of you

Was the above review useful to you? Yes (21) / No (10)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Was looking for a decent quality laptop stand for our studio production area as I ran out of deskspace. Bought an extra one for the wife for her laptop in the kitchen. Works as described and not as solid as some of the stands selling for close to 100 bucks but can.t complain at this price.

Advantages: can be packed up..if needed..adjustable height is good. price is good
Disadvantages: could be more stable but it really holds onto your gear without sliding around like another brand we tried.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (20) / No (13)
guy moncion about  Electro Voice ZLX-12P 12" Two-way Powered Loudspeaker:

Aug 19, 2015
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
I have purchased 4 of these units to use as stage monitors for clubs and various events (small to medium). WOW!! these are amazing. They easily out perform much more expensive cabs. They perform a highly defined sound that remains clear throughout the spectrum and easily cut through any stage that I've encountered. I am quite impressed and wouldn't hesitate to use them as front of house for a small live gig or DJ use. Thumbs up as well to the Tim & Tyler from Acclaim for spending hours testing until I found exactly what I needed.

Advantages: Lightweight, quite compact, very good sound pressure, high power, crystal clear sound.
Disadvantages: none whatsoever.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (20) / No (9)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
We see a lot of speakers and guitar amps in our showrooms. We get to try them out, listen to them and then form an opinion. Our opinion of the Trouper is that the price is too DARN LOW!! - It should be MORE than the asking price!!. You might be shocked by this statement but once you plug into this unit with an acoustic guitar and a will be STUNNED by the clarity and volume from this tiny box. Similar units from other brands might have a few more features but the price this unit sells for is just plain awesome. Looking for an amazing PA for an Acoustic Solo or Coffeehouse gig? Meeting room PA system? Try one of these....You will love it!

Advantages: Easy to carry - love the handle pocket on the back.
Built in 3 channel Mixer.
Bluetooth on channel 3 allows you to stream music from your phone
also has RCA and 1/8 for backing tracks or looper etc.
Awesome sound for this price range.
Amazing sound when using Acoustic guitar.
Built in pole mount for a speaker stand.
Well done Alto.
Disadvantages: The only thing we could think of was there is no padded cover available yet. Otherwise a fantastic product.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (19) / No (4)
Product Rating:  
Overall a good light for the money: I own two of these and have used them for my band that plays small venues. These lights are compact and easy to use.

Advantages: Light weight,compact, easy to use and transport, Can use built in programmed settings. Inexpensive, Light will plug into one another with two or more.
Disadvantages: Light may be insufficient with larger venues where distance is a consideration. May need more lights for some venues. When set on Red lighting alone the light is not that bright.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (19) / No (8)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Unbeatable quality for the price! Microphone is better than most mics that you will pay $100+ for.

Advantages: Great mic.!
Sturdy stand!
Everything that you need in one package!
Disadvantages: Have not found any to this point!
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (18) / No (18)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Our band purchased 2 of these a couple months ago and we can't be more satisfied for the price. As good as any top end mics at a fraction of the cost. I'm planning on buying another in a couple weeks.

Advantages: Cost.
Accessory package is excellent
Disadvantages: I'd consider replacing the cable. Other than that, it's great.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (18) / No (9)
Product Rating:  
good quality amp, great power output for the price. Many features. takes a little getting used to, but nice to not have to have separate components for effects.
Sounds good on both electric guitar and on bass, rumbles nicely, and screams well too.

Advantages: Many features
Only one amp required for multiple instruments
Lots of power
Disadvantages: There is definitely a learning curve.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (18) / No (6)
Robbie Brisebois about  Electro Voice ZLX-15P 15" Two-way Powered Loudspeaker :

Sep 8, 2014
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Fantastic range I would recommend this speaker for almost any type of small to medium size event. No real need for subs, lots of bottom

Was the above review useful to you? Yes (17) / No (6)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Probably the most versatile amp I've ever come across. It simulates amps very well. I have a 6505+ as well, and it sounds very similar. This amp can crank or be dialed down low and still have great tone. Decided to get the SANPERA2 foot pedal, which is considered 'must have' if you want to quickly change sound while playing. Well worth the money

Advantages: Great tone
Emulates many amps
Good for multiple instruments
Wide volume selection via 'sponge' while maintaining good tone
Disadvantages: Probably 'need' SANPERA foot controller to unlock amps full potential.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (16) / No (9)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
awesome speaker, love it

Advantages: awesome, awesome, awesome
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (16) / No (9)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
EV has stepped up their game! Great sounding speaker and for $399!
As a QSC guy I was amazed at the sound the ZLX 12 produces. Nice and crisp highs and decent bottom end. A nice touch to the ZLX 12 is the amount of options you have with the Built in DSP controll. from your usual trebel and bass to how your speaker will be used (i.e. monitor, pole mounted) Great buy. purchassed as a backup system

Advantages: Many options Via the DSP Config, great sound, can be used as a monitor
Disadvantages: Requires use of sub in medium sized rooms, Slanted top is a pain as you can stack another speaker on it.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (16) / No (8)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Mindblowing Laser effect with beams that are almost 2 inches thick. This is a big unit but the effect is unlike anything else I have ever seen.

Advantages: great for installation in a night club, cuts through other lighting including moving heads. DMX control can create pretty awesome effects.
Disadvantages: size is big, kind of fragile due to scan mirrors but nothing else is like this unit.
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (14) / No (7)
 Verified Owner
Product Rating:  
Well designed clamp, very versatile.

Advantages: These clamps can hold a lot of weight and can easily manipulated for your needs.
Disadvantages: none
Was the above review useful to you? Yes (14) / No (8)

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